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Barberry Root Bark Review – 8 Things You Should Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Barberry Root Bark is an herbal extract of barberry which may be used in remedies for alleviating symptoms of common cold and maintaining the well functioning of the immune system. It is sold by Mountain Rose Herbs, which imports it from Croatia.

Mountain Rose Herbs packages and distributes bulk herbs, seaweeds, salts and burnables. Moreover, it has herbalists who create medicinal formulations like tinctures, salves, and herbal oils. The company sells both to the general public and to specialized businesses that need to buy bulk herbs for their own formulations.

Mountain Rose Herbs claims that it offers high quality Barberry Root Bark, which has been processed according to organic standards and has not been subject to irradiation or chemical treatment. The distributor says the barberry is a common ingredient in bitters as it may improve digestion. In addition, this herb can also reduce fever and treat skin disorders. According to Mountain Rose Herbs, both adults and children can use Barberry Root Bark however caution is advised, as it may interfere with the well functioning of the gastrointestinal flora. Barberry Root Bark is addressed to all those that have the knowledge and the patience to prepare their own remedies, and in addition, to licensed businesses who develop herbal products.


1) Barberry Root Bark Quick Facts

Barberry Root Bark is a bulk extract of barberry bark which can be used in medicinal formulas. Barberry is used in tinctures, ointments, capsules and teas. It is used for urinary and respiratory tract infections and to enhance the immune system. It may also treat psoriasis and other skin conditions, but information regarding these ailment claims is limited. Its main chemical compound is berberine, which has been subject to many studies. Berberine is beneficial in killing intestinal parasites like Giardia. It may moreover be used for staph infections, for treating diarrhea caused by food poisoning, and also for traveler’s diarrhea. This substance may also lower blood pressure, thus it interferes with medication for diabetes. Barberry actually interacts with several drugs among which diuretics, liver drugs and blood thinners.

Mountain Rose Herbs gives clear details on how barberry extract should be used and who should avoid it. Thus, adults who take barberry extract for one week should then interrupt consumption the following week. This is because barberry may cause damage to the intestinal flora. Moreover children should not be administered barberry products more than three days in a row. They should take a pause the fourth day. Mountain Rose Herbs does not recommend this herb to lactating mothers or to pregnant women.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Barberry Root Bark

Barberry Root Bark contains the following ingredients: Barberry root bark.

3) Does Barberry Root Bark Work and it is Safe?

Barberry Root Bark is an herbal extract from the peripheral root parts of barberry. This is a herb that can be used both for making teas and in the manufacturing of ointments, tinctures, capsules, and liquid formulas. According to laboratory studies, Barberry contains berberine (a chemical compound with many benefits); vitamins A, B, and C; zinc; cobalt; chromium; lutein; and zeaxanthin. Berberine is a substance also found in herbs like golden seal, copies, Oregon grape root, and turmeric. Plants containing berberine are used for staph, mouth, eyes, and ear infections. Laboratory studies on the properties of berberine have revealed that it can kill the bacteria that cause diarrhea and intestinal parasites. Moreover, it may strengthen the immune system. Berberine also has anticonvulsant properties and may act as a sedative. It may also be able to lower blood pressure. According to specialists, barberry could interact with antibiotics, blood thinning medication, allergy pills, diuretics, blood pressure drugs, diabetes, and liver medication.

Mountain Rose Herbs lists a few precautions about this extract. Thus, it says that adults should not use barberry for more than seven consecutive days and to interrupt the use for a minimum of one week before starting again. This way, the intestinal flora can be restored. Also, barberry is safe for children, but caution is always required. A one-day pause is necessary after three consecutive days of use. Moreover, the distributor does not recommend barberry to women that are pregnant or that are nursing.

We have not found online customer testimonial reviews on the quality of the Barberry Root Bark imported and sold by Mountain Rose Herbs.


4) Barberry Root Bark Claims

  • It costs $0.6-$0.9 per ounce depending on the size of the container, which would recommend it as an affordable product
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Companies may get free samples and may pay their orders within 30 days


5) Barberry Root Bark Product Warnings

  • Some customers might not like that it is imported
  • Shipping charges are high
  • Barberry interacts with several drugs


6) Barberry Root Bark Cost

Mountain Rose Herbs sells Barberry Root Bark at a fairly appealing price and in containers of three different sizes (four ounces, eight ounces, and one pound) with the price-per-ounce depending on the size of the container.

The company offers double-digit discounts if you purchase larger quantities of bulk herbs (even if you buy different herbs). They also provide some facilities for established businesses. You may be able to pay your order within 30 days and could also get a customized service if you opt for a terms account (you would have to submit a credit application to Mountain Rose Herbs to enter into such an agreement). Business clients (not individuals) may also benefit from free samples in some cases. The company also offers a 60-day money back guarantee for most of its products to both individuals and businesses.

You should also know that shipping charges could be high if you order from the producer.

Few online retailers are selling this product.

Suggested Use

7) Suggested Use

The product comes in containers of 4 ounces, 8 ounces and one pound. The price per ounce varies depending on the size of the container. Mountain Rose Herbs offers discounts if you buy in larger quantities: 10% for 5-9 pounds, 15% for 10-24 pounds, and 25% for 25 pounds.


8) Our Verdict on Barberry Root Bark

Barberry Root Bark is an herbal extract sold in bulk. It should be of good quality according to the distributor which emphasizes that it sells either organic or wild-harvested plants. However, we have not found online client reviews therefore we cannot say much about customer satisfaction. The extract is imported and in our view, some clients might prefer barberry grown in the US.

We recommend you ask for advice from a specialist if you are planning to make barberry based formulations as this herb interacts with a lot of drugs, so it would be better to know exactly just how much to include in your formulations in order to avoid serious side effects.

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Sharon D.

I have been ordering Barberry Root Bark for several years. I make a formulation for helping us in the winter season. It’s very good!