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Astragalus Extract Review – 8 Things You Should Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Astragalus Extract is an herbal product that can provide help in dealing with stress and enhancing the immune system. The company behind this formula is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs specializes in developing different types of formulations for medicinal use, aromatherapy oils, blends and resins, as well as bath products and body care ointments. The company also distributes herbs in large quantities to other licensed businesses. Mountain Rose Herbs is committed to selling only organic or wild harvested plants and formulations.

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, Astragalus Extract is a liquid alcohol extract that contains only organic ingredients. This is actually a tincture with a strength ratio of 1:2. As compared to capsules and dried herb extracts, tinctures are considered to be more powerful and to last longer. In addition, they act more quickly. The producer does not list any medical uses for the product since it has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. However, according to the traditional uses of astragalus, the tincture may be used to prevent colds, or to boost the immune system (even after radiation therapy) or to promote a healthy liver. We believe Astragalus Extract would also be suitable for people who feel they lack energy, suffer from fatigue, or go through stressful periods.


1) Astragalus Extract Quick Facts

Astragalus Extract is an organic tincture containing root of astragalus. Specialists consider astragalus an adaptogen herb, as it is considered able to help the human organism against mental and physical stress. In addition, astragalus is also sometimes recommended to patients who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation therapy as it can enhance the immune function, and also to people with heart conditions. Moreover, in folk medicin, it is considered a remedy for alleviating symptoms associated with colds, high blood pressure and liver problems. Laboratory studies have shown that astragalus has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diuretic properties. Side effects are mild and rare and include nausea, gas, and dehydration among other.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Astragalus Extract

Astragalus Extract contains the following ingredients: Astragalus fresh root and grain alcohol.

3) Does Astragalus Extract Work?

Astragalus Extract is a liquid alcohol extract that contains astragalus root. The formula contains one part astragalus root and two parts solvent. Astragalus is a plant which has been used in making remedies for thousands of years in Asia. It is usually recommended for cancer, diabetes, liver conditions, infections of the upper respiratory tract, and high blood pressure. Also, Astragalus promotes a strong immune system. Based on laboratory tests, astragalus possesses antioxidant activity and also has anti-inflammatory, anti-diuretic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it should also be effective in treating common colds and may help the body release excess fluids. According to scientific research, astragalus seems to help in strengthening the immune system after chemotherapy and radiation treatments. However, studies on AIDS have yielded contradictory results. Also, some scientific studies suggest the plant can also help in treating heart conditions.

Astragalus is considered a safe herb, as side effects have rarely been reported (they include itching and mild nausea). It may, however, interact with medication that suppresses the immune system. Therefore you should further investigate if it is appropriate for you in case you suffer from an auto-immune disease (like lupus) or have recently gone through an organ transplant.

The formulation marketed by Mountain Rose Herbs has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; thus, it is not intended to cure or prevent medical conditions. Therefore, the producer does not promote the product as being able to treat any specific diseases. It does not recommend for daily use, either.

We have not found online customer satisfaction reviews on Astragalus Extract by Mountain Rose Herbs, with one potential reason being that it is distributed through a small number of online retailers.


4) Astragalus Extract Claims

  • The price ranges from $7.6-$9.25 per ounce which would recommend it as an affordable product
  • The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee (of 60 days)
  • The tincture is certified organic


5) Precautions of Astragalus Extract Use

  • Shipping fees are relatively high (when ordering from the producer)
  • Astragalus may interact with other drugs like those that regulate blood pressure
  • We have found rather few online consumer reviews


6) Astragalus Extract Price

Mountain Rose Herbs sells Astragalus Extract in one-ounce and of four-ounce bottles. The bottles come with a dropper. The average price-per-ounce would suggest this supplement as a moderately-priced product and varies mostly depending on the bottle size.

You may order Astragalus Extract online directly from Mountain Rose Herbs. Customers can also place their orders by mail, by email, by telephone, and by fax. When purchasing online, you should remember to include the shipping costs, which may be relatively high at Mountain Rose Herbs.

The producer offers money back guarantee: if you return the product for any reason whatsoever within 60 days from the day you purchased it, you are eligible for a full refund.


7) Astragalus Extract Directions

Astragalus Extract is sold in bottles of either one ounce or four ounces. It has not been evaluated by the FDA in terms of purity and quality of the ingredients. The producer does not recommend a maximum daily dose. Some specialists recommend taking 3-5 ml per day for 1:5 tinctures with 30% ethanol. The Mountain Rose tincture has a 1:2 strength ratio. If you want to drink an astragalus decoction, you should use 3-6 grams of dried root for some 350 ml of water (three times daily). We recommend you ask your doctor about the right dose for you.

Bottom Line

8) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

Astragalus Extract may be effective for various medical conditions, given the numerous benefits of the herb, but it can also be used if you are healthy but just want to prevent colds or liver conditions among others. However, we have found only a very small number of online customer satisfaction testimonials therefore we do not know whether Astragalus Extract developed by Mountain Rose Herbs is of high quality.

We recommend you ask for advice from a healthcare specialist before using Astragalus Extract as this is a dietary supplement therefore it is not evaluated by the FDA. Moreover, astragalus could interfere with other drugs.

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L. Castellanos

I used Astragalus Extract only once, in my tea, and it made me feel quite dizzy.