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Nitrofocus Review – 8 Facts to Consider

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Nitrofocus is offered as an audio program that supports increased brain focus levels and productivity in just minutes. The collection of MP3s is created by Inspire3, a reputable developer of programs designed to help people unlock the power of their minds. Other programs offered by this company are Brain Salon, Sleep Salon and Brain Evolution System and enjoy a great success among users of such products.

This program is designed to access the specific brain frequencies responsible for increased focus, concentration and alertness. The benefits of such an effect are countless and essential in today’s fast paced society, where productivity seems to be one of the most important success factors. The collection is based on a scientifically-proven technology called “brainwave entrainment.” This method has been the subject of research over the past 100 years. It was discovered that certain brain sound patterns are specific to certain states like sleep, relaxation, stress, meditation, etc. The brainwave technique uses certain sounds able to access the brain and help it reach the desired state, in this case extreme focus.

Nitrofocus supports the brain in achieving high levels of focus and blocks all the distraction background sounds. It is designed for adults over 18 years old and promises to improve the effectiveness in performing any task from learning to housework chores.


1) What is Nitrofocus?

Nitrofocus is based on specific sounds designed to connect directly to your brain’s natural frequencies. The program includes a total of 10 MP3’s available for downloading on the official presentation page. Two additional audios are offered as a free trial offer which is valid for a period of 7 days.

The other 10 are unlocked after the entire price is paid. Each of the tracks is intended to help the user in specific situations such as brainstorming, painting or drawing activities or during studying and learning periods. A 10-minute audio is offered for those who want to take a break and relax. Other MP3s offer the necessary support for those who perform analytic tasks, need to retain increased amounts of new information, or just need to reduce the levels of stress.


2) Details on Nitrofocus Ingredients and Uses

Nitrofocus contains the following ingredients: Not applicable.

You can improve the effects of Nitrofocus by taking nootropics like BrainMD Attention Support.

3) Does Nitrofocus Work?

Nitrofocus is marketed as a simple science-based MP3 collection that acts by influencing brainwave patterns to enhance concentration. Medical research has managed to identify four specific brain frequencies for different states. The recordings included in this compilation contain specific sounds that have the ability to connect directly to your brain and ease its way to a heightened focus and concentration, which in turn leads to maximum productivity.

The product comes with a free 7-day trial period. If users decide that the program meets his/her expectations regarding real benefits, he will be given full access to 10 additional MP3 sessions. Four of them are designed to help increase concentration in specific situations. For example, the Nitrofocus Digital MP3 is claimed as ideal for brainstorming, painting or artistic activities. Nitrofocus Easy is the perfect solution for reading, studying or learning periods, Nitrofocus Workout is best suited for those who work out, build projects or clean their houses, while Nitrofocus Ocean is an excellent support for late night sessions like writing, researching or planning. Other audios are designed to help you remember new information or reduce stress before exams.

This is not a recommended program for people who have epilepsy, severe mental disorders or brain injuries, pregnant or nursing women, photosensitive or those predisposed to seizures. Driving a car or operating heavy machinery is not recommended while listening to any of the MP3s. There are testimonials posted online about this program. What is being stated includes the following:

  • I used to have difficulty focusing on my reading material until I purchased these CDs

  • I love all the MP3s

  • I not only get the tasks done quickly, but also I do things more thoroughly and much better


4) Nitrofocus Claims

  • A free trial period of 7 days is offered
  • Online purchasing is secured
  • The manufacturer has a good reputation and manufactures a number of other successful programs

5) Nitrofocus Product Warnings

  • There is no scientific research involving this particular program
  • There is a reduced number of testimonials available for consultation regarding this supplement
  • There is no money-backguarantee mentioned

6) Nitrofocus Price

Nitrofocus comes with a 7-day free trial offer that includes the following: The Nitrofocus Classic MP3 (a 1-hour session claimed as suitable in any situation), a 5- Minute Break MP3 (designed to help you relax after a soliciting period and recharge your batteries) and a complete User Guide in PDF format.

For orders canceled within the 7-day period, no charge will be made. However, given the fact that this is not the cost for a month’s use, it may be considered as a fair price comparable to similar programs. The program is only available for online download, so shipping taxes are not an issue. Online purchasing is claimed as highly secured.


7) Nitrofocus Directions

The compilation is not recommended for those who suffer from epilepsy, serious mental disorder or brain injuries without the consent of a healthcare specialist. Pregnant or nursing women, photosensitive people, those wearing a pacemaker, and those prone to seizures should avoid using this product. Nitrofocus is not known to interact with any medication or chemical treatment but it is advisable to get a professional opinion if that is the case.

Does it Work

8) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

Nitrofocus is one of the several audio programs offered by Inspire3 to improve the quality of life through brain enhancement technology. Unlike similar compilations that offer multiple benefits, this empasizes a single benefit which is described as an unprecedented focus capacity.

The 7-day free trial period offers the possibility to decide for yourself if this compilation is what you need. It includes an 1-hour Nitrofocus Classic MP3 suitable for all situations, and a 5-Minute break MP3 to help people relax after intense focus periods.Although the price is relatively high, it is a one time fee type of cost. Once you pay the total amount, you benefit from the full collection. The compilation is available strictly online and full access is granted once you pay the full price.

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Paul Stone

This program is one of the best I have used so far! I decided to try it after a long period of not being able to focus at work, a lot of missed deadlines and long afterwork hours to finish tasks that should have taken me half the time. Now I put my headphones on and I don\’t know when the time passes. And I manage to finish all the work in time!

Brian M.

Nitrofocus has helped me a lot during my finals. I used to have problems in retaining new information and always got them mixed. Now it is like my brain is much organized and I am able to access the things I\’ve learned without much effort even after a long period of time.


Avoid their free Trial,.You have to submit the cancellation via email, not a support ticket system . They ignored my emailed cancellation, and billed me $97, and now state I never cancelled.

I supplied proof that I cancelled in time, and still they have refused to refund me. Now have to go the chargeback route. Total waste of my time …