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NerveFix Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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NerveFix is advertised as a natural remedy to support nerve health while fighting common nervous issues. Nerve health is an essential part of overall health; however, millions of people across the world continue to suffer issues related to nerves. These issues often bring along several painful symptoms, including numbness, tingling, and extreme pain that can become difficult to manage. NerveFix by NaturalCare aims to help people alleviate uncomfortable symptoms related to their poor nerve health by simply adding a pill to their diet daily. The manufacturing company also claims it to be a natural alternative to pharmaceutical-grade medications with lesser health risks and side effects.

This NerveFix review will analyze the product in detail with an emphasis on its composition, benefits, efficacy, and price.


1) NerveFix Quick Facts

NerveFix is marketed as a product that helps the brain relax while regulating nerve health. The supplement uses a blend of nutrients and minerals to make nerves healthy while providing relief from common issues like pain, numbness, and tingling. These issues may appear trivial but can significantly disturb the quality of life. Such people often struggle to get through the day as the severity of their symptoms hinders them from accomplishing anything, whether physical or mental.

Medically known as neuropathy, the condition is manageable but requires constant medical intervention. Many people are afraid to use these interventions in the long run as they may cause side effects. For such people, using NerveFix can help relieve the symptoms without putting them at any additional risk, as claimed by the manufacturing company. The supplement contains a non-GMO formula without habit-forming substances or known drug interactions.

2) History of NerveFix

The company manufacturing NerveFix goes by the name of NaturalCare, a company that provided the world with its products in 1979. Located in Orem, UT, the company has provided detailed information on its history in this line of business. According to their website, NaturalCare started as a small family-owned company with the goal of providing safe and effective natural products using traditional remedies combined with the latest science on supplements. The company claims to have been receiving the support and trust of its customers ever since.

NaturalCare has a dedicated website that lists an email address, a fax number, and their mailing address as contact information. Moreover, it also provides customers a chance to return the product within 60 days if they are not satisfied with their purchase, proving its integrity and work ethic. The company also claims to follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for all products to ensure high quality and safety. Moreover, the ingredients it uses have been recognized by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and are synthesized according to their rules. The finished products at NaturalCare also undergo strict quality testing to ensure that they are effective.


3) Details on NerveFix Ingredients and Uses

NerveFix includes the following ingredients:

  • Aconitum napellus: It helps maintain shooting, burning, stabbing, and tingling pains
  • Belladonna: It works best for pinched nerve pain that comes sharp, throbbing pain that comes and goes
  • Cantharis vesicatoria: Obtained from Spanish fly, it helps manage neurological disorders
  • Ferrum phosphoricum: It relieves hand swelling and burning pain in the shoulders
  • Hypericum perforatum: Also known as St. John’s wort, this ingredient’s benefits for managing neurological pain dates back to ancient Greek times.
  • Kali phophoricum: Research has shown it to be effective in managing polyneuropathy induced by diabetes
  • Magnesium phosphoricum: This ingredient helps manage neuralgia in addition to cramps in the different parts of the body.

In addition to the ingredients mentioned above, each pill also contains the following:

  • Anise Benfotiamine
  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • Betaine HCL
  • Capsule (gelatin, purified water, glycerin, and titanium dioxide)
  • Chamomile
  • Choline (bitartrate)
  • Deer Antler Velvet
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Methyl Cobalamin
  • N-acetyl cysteine
  • Passion Flower
  • Pyridoxine HCL
  • Inositol
  • Silica

4) Does NerveFix Work?

NerveFix by NaturalCare claims to relieve minor symptoms of Nerve-related tingling, numbness, burning, pain, and pins and needles sensations. The official website manufacturing this supplement states that it has been formulated with all-natural homeopathic ingredients in compliance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States to relieve these nerve-related symptoms. The website further states that as a manufacturer, NaturalCare specializes in natural botanical and homeopathic self-care products designed to enhance the quality of life for all ages.

NerveFix claims that the ingredients in its homeopathic formula have been combined with a base of natural herbs and nutrients for the maximum synergistic benefit. Unlike other food supplements, NerveFix contains over 20 ingredients in total, making it packed with all kinds of substances that potentially benefit the human body.

The website also claims that when used in conjunction with other non-drug therapies, such as chiropractic, relaxation training, physical therapy and exercise, and massage, NerveFix can relieve the pain of nerve-related concerns. However, it must be kept in mind that there is not enough clinical or scientific data backing these claims; hence, the efficacy of NerveFix may still remain questionable to some extent.

Potential Side Effects

5) Potential Side Effects from NerveFix Ingredients

According to the manufacturing company, NerveFix and other homeopathic formulations created under NaturalCare have no known drug interactions and have a high safety profile when combined with other medicines. At the same time, it encourages users to contact their healthcare professionals to seek more information about any specific medications they are taking. The company also states that its homeopathic medicines, including NerveFix, are manufactured in high-quality facilities that run according to the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and undergo regular FDA inspections. However, it also states that their claims are not evaluated by the FDA.

In general, it is a good idea to start with a low dose of NerveFix and slowly work it up in case you do not feel any side effects. If, at any point, you experience any unusual discomfort, stop using the supplement at once and contact a doctor.

Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy NerveFix

The best place to purchase NerveFix is through its official website (naturalcareworks.com. The product is also sold by third-party sellers, such as allstarealth.com; however, there is no way to confirm if the supplement they are selling is authentic.


7) NerveFix Price

The price for one pack of the NerveFix supplement containing 60 capsules is $31.49; however, the company is currently offering a chance to get a 15% discount by signing up for its official newsletter. The company also provides shipping services; however, no information is available about it, such as local shipping charges and the availability of international shipping.

Does it Work

8) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

NerveFix has been advertised as a homeopathic formula to help people seek relief from painful and highly uncomfortable neuropathic disorders. NaturalCare, the company manufacturing this product, has been in business for nearly 20 years now and is yet to create a supplement that has been reported to cause any side effects. However, it fails to provide enough evidence or proof to support its claims regarding the functioning and benefits of NerveFix. The customer feedback available online is also not enough to judge how well it will work for neuropathy. Hence, it is not recommended to try it without seeking any cross-validation from those who have already used and benefitted from it.

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steve lahue

My mom when she turned 80 had problems with her sciatic nerve, could not get around very good. I found nervefix, sent her 3 bottles to try. This stuff worked for her as she took 1 a day until her death at 96. She had very little problems after the first 30 days of use. My wife has taken this for her legs and the nerve pain has been gone for quite some time, however we just ran out so will be ordering more now that I found the pills again.

Title for your comment
It works for us.
Have you tried this product?

This product really works. I used it for several years and now seems like I can’t find it anywhere.

Title for your comment
Have you tried this product?
Maritza Perez

I’ve been using Nerve Fix for a while now and it’s been great for me and my mother-in-law and we’ve been looking online everywhere bc we ran out and we need it. I’s has work great for me and my mother-in-law so please please can you bring it back we really need it. T

Title for your comment
Nerve Fix
Have you tried this product?
Elizabeth Braden

I have faced joint problems in my lower back. I’ve already had injections and nothing works. My doctors say the next step is to have my nerves in my lower back burned off which is not a big deal although it sounds like it but still, I’d rather not do it. I picked up a bottle of nerve fix the other day from a natural grocer and by God, that stuff works! Whenever I feel pain starting up I take it and it’s gone for the rest of the day particularly at night when it is the worst but you have to take it early. I hope it continues to work because I’d really rather not have my nerves burned off!

Title for your comment
It works!
Have you tried this product?

Great product. I am diabetic and suffer with condition known as Neuropathy in feet and hands. I’ve only purchased this product one time and I feel so much better. I will continue to buy more.

Title for your comment
No more pain
Have you tried this product?
Liz Serich

I love this product. I have fibromyalgia & a slight tremor in my right hand. Sometimes it’s so bad I can’t write my name + I make handmade cards. I take 2 of these pills & within 1/2 hr my hands don’t hurt, don’t shake & takes the edge of my fibromyalgia to where I can function.

Title for your comment
Great product ?
Have you tried this product?

I suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia. The neurologist said surgery was the only way to fix it. I chose Nerve Fix. After one month my intense nerve pain was gone and I didn’t need the pain meds. I don’t have to stay on it, but, I keep it on hand to take on occasion. It works!

Title for your comment
It helped my Trigeminal Neuralgia
Have you tried this product?
Last edited 3 years ago by Kay
Richard Velasco

I have a condition called ataxia I was in a car wreck hit by a drunk driver now living with this shaking all over my body I’ve tried all kinds of pills and treatments but nothing seems too work yes I even tried cbd. I been taking these pills for a couple of days so I do not expect results right away so I’m hoping these pills work.

Title for your comment
Not sure
Have you tried this product?

I have a neuropathy-like condition in feet and ankles. Neurologists don’t know the cause. When it gets bad, I order NerveFix. Within about three days I get relief. I highly recommend it to anyone with a pins and needles condition that is highly irritating. It’s the only thing that has helped me.

Title for your comment
NerveFix works
Have you tried this product?
Cynthia K. Root

I have Parsonage Turner syndrome, a very rare but horrific painful condition related to the Epstein Barr Virus. The first episode occurred in 2018. On occasion it will begin to flare up with pain in the shoulder radiating down into the arm. Whenever I begin noticing the discomfort and the associated anxiety that comes with it,
I take the NerveFix. In a relatively short period of time the pain dissipates and the anxiety settles. I never hope to experience the horrible eletrocuting pain ever again. I am extremely grateful for this product and can attest to the fact that it does what it claims to do. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone suffering from any nerve related condition. Thank goodness for NerveFix. Its given me back my life!

Stephen Hawthorne

I’ve been trying NerveFix for about a week due to neuropathy in my hands and feet… perhaps due to chemo treatments I received last year. Still no improvement, but it’s still early. The instructions say to take two tablets a day. Do I take them at one time or one in the morning and one at night? Thanks.

Iulian (Editor)


According to NaturalCare LLC., NerveFix works best when taken in the morning with a full glass of water.


Does NerveFix have any blood thinning properties? I am on warfarin and don’t want to mess with that, but I am experiencing tingling and numbness in my hands and legs. I’d love to find something that will help this condition..

Iulian (Editor)
Reply to  Connie

As in most cases, we recommend consulting with a physician before taking any dietary supplement along with prescription medication.

Reply to  Connie

This is a homeopathic remedy, so it can’t possibly interfere with prescription medications. Homeopathy works by diluting its ingredients to a fine degree, so that what remains as the remedy are not the original physical substances themselves, but the energetic effects of the substances. That actually makes them even more effective than standard drugs or medications — which modern “medical science” will not accept as valid. So, yes it’s always safe to take homeopathic remedies from that perspective.


I have undiagnosed nerve pain in my thigh, and have been taking NerveFix for over 2 years, and at this point, have almost no discernible pain, and truly believe that NerveFix has been part of the solution.


I have been having problems with my shoulder, it includes pain that runs down to my wrist at times, it feels slightly numb with sharp pains that come and go. Have tried many other things including Tylenol with no relief what so ever. I received NerveFix today and took the two capsules as directed. After about 30 minutes I felt about 50% relief. I will be finishing the 10 day recommendation of two capsules a day. So far, I believe NerveFix is a great product and would recommend it to others for pinched nerve and other nerve conditions. It is also very relaxing but did not make me sleepy or groggy feeling.

Reply to  Rhonda

I have pinched nerve Due to a herniated disc in my neck and numbness of the hands do you think that this could possibly help me

Henry Preston
Reply to  Reta

Had the same problem back in 84. Had a phenomenal massage therapist at the time. 10 treatments and no more pain. Finally back to work. Retired from full time work in 2005. Dumb doctors in the AF wanted to operate. Herniated discs are normally caused by muscle unbalance in the back. Stupid surgeon doctor don’t understand this FACT!!!!!
NerveFix will not help much with herniated discs, but good for joint nerve pain around the joints.