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Cortigon Review – 11 Facts to Consider

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Feeling tired, drained, lost, or stressed? Cortigon claims to have a solution for you. Advertised as a nootropic supplement, Cortigon has been receiving some attention in the supplement due to its claimed benefits of increasing energy, improving memory and focus, and providing stress relief in as little as 20 minutes of taking it. By balancing the stress hormone, its deep-acting formula takes charge of the human endocrine system and reduces anxiety, depression, and other associated problems.

But can the supplement actually deliver what it claims? Let’s find out in this Cortigon review below.


1) What is Cortigon?

Cortigon by UMZU is a nootropic supplement that primarily works to release stress while aiding in overall focus and memory. Available in the form of oral pills, it uses a handful of natural ingredients and claims that its formulation is free from any chemicals, toxins, and additives.

2) The Company Behind Cortigon

The natural chemist and the manufacturing company of UMZU Under cGMP facilities have developed the product. Christopher Walker, who graduated from Duke University with a neuroscience degree, is the founder of a company called UMZU. The establishment produces several nutritional product brands sold via its website. Unfortunately, the product does contain bovine gelatin, which may not make it suitable for vegans.

The company markets Cortigon as a dairy-free supplement but be wary that the manufacturing unit processes it is also involved in the processing of some dairy-containing products, increasing the potential risk for cross-contamination.

What’s Inside?

3) What’s Inside Cortigon?

The ingredients list for Cortigon is not too long as the formula contains the following four major components:

  • B Vitamins: The human body needs a daily dose of B vitamins for optimal functioning as it is unable to synthesize them on its own.[1] Supplementing B vitamins has always been beneficial for the body as they significantly improve the overall energy metabolism. Additionally, each type of B vitamin serves its unique purpose in the body; for example, vitamin B12 helps in the maintenance of nerve cells. [2] However, it must be remembered that the effects of B vitamin supplementation may not be noticeable in a user unless they are severely deficient.
  • Phosphatidylserine: Phosphatidylserine is an excellent ingredient to add to a nootropic supplement and is often taken by the older population to fight age-related cognitive decline. It is a phospholipid fatty molecule found abundantly in the brain cell membranes. [3] Its declining levels in the brain can mess with memory and focus; hence, supplementing phosphatidylserine can be worth the hassle.
  • L-Leucine: L-leucine is one of the most commonly found amino acids both in and out of the body. [4] People who consume enough protein usually have it in adequate doses, questioning the decision to add this ingredient to Cortigon. Additionally, Leucine fails to deliver any nootropic benefits to the brain, nor does it carry any anti-stress or anxiolytic effects. The dose is also too little to expect any real benefits.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract: Ginkgo biloba is a well-researched ingredient that has been long known to improve cerebral flow and improve nutrient delivery, and oxygenation in the brain cells. It has also been known to effectively improve memory and attention span in older people with age-related cognitive decline. [5] Cortigon contains 100 mg of ginkgo, which is a safe and effective amount for daily use.

4) Does Cortigon Work?

Analyzing the ingredients, Cortigon does not seem to be a supplement that may blow you away. As a whole, it is pretty much an underwhelming nootropic with minimal possibility of delivering on its claims. The supplement contains a very limited number of ingredients, out of which only ginkgo and phosphatidylserine seem promising. Both have been well-researched and proven to help with learning, memory, and focus. Using them may also help offset memory loss due to aging to a certain degree.

However, the two ingredients mentioned above are certainly not enough to carry the burden alone. A powerful and truly effective brain supplement must have a formulation of various ingredients that complement one another to augment the overall benefits. Despite having a weak formulation, it may be possible to experience mild improvements in cognitive function after using Cortigon for weeks. However, it is not realistic to expect a significant boost in learning, memory retention, focus, and other benefits that the product claims.

One-third of Cortigon’s formula includes Leucine which is very commonly included in our daily diets. In addition to the fact that our bodies do not need supplementation with this amino acid, the ingredient also does not seem to carry any benefits for brain health. In other words, it appears to be a filler ingredient used to reduce manufacturing costs with no real help for the users.

Simply put, the ingredients added to Cortigon are far from the best. They may help people looking for a mild boost in their everyday cognition but cannot satisfy those who wish to take back control of their lives, improve brain health, and regulate a healthy stress response.

Health Benefits

5) Cortigon Health Benefits

As mentioned on the official website, using Cortigon as directed can deliver the following benefits to its users:

  • Enhancement of focus
  • Better stress relief
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Increased memory retention

The benefits mentioned above are pretty standard, and almost all nootropic supplements on the market claim to offer the same. The company does mention that the extent of these benefits and the time required to experience them may vary from one person to another.

Side Effects

6) Cortigon Side Effects

While Cortigon by UMZU may not be the most effective brain supplement on the market, it seems safe and unlikely to cause any side effects. All active ingredients added to the product have been tested through independent studies and deemed safe for consumption by healthy people. However, keep in mind that people with certain medical conditions may need to avoid using the supplement due to certain ingredients, like Ginkgo.

Reviews received from real-time Cortigon customers are mixed when it comes to side effects. Some people have mentioned how using the supplement made it harder for them to function regularly, and they had to stop taking it altogether.

Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Cortigon

The best place to purchase any supplement is its official website. For purchasing Cortigon, visit umzu.com, the website run by its manufacturing company that offers authentic products with minimal risk of scams. Moreover, ordering from the official company may also help you receive discounts and exciting offers from time to time.


8) Cortigon Price

The price per bottle for Cortigon is $45.94 which includes 60 capsules or a one-month supply. The company also gives a chance to customers to enjoy 25% off on their orders by subscribing to their auto-shipping feature, which brings down the cost to $34.46 per bottle.

9) Cortigon Alternatives

Considering how Cortigon fails to deliver on its promises due to weak ingredients and has received mixed customer reviews so far, it is a good idea to consider looking for alternatives that offer better benefits for your brain health. Two effective nootropics to consider as an alternative to Cortigon include the following:

  • Hunter Focus: Hunter Focus is a premium nootropic supplement designed to help busy individuals achieve their goals, solve complex issues, and be a leader in every aspect of life with high mental energy, better focus, and boosted learning and memory. Despite being a relatively newer product, it has already been making waves in the online community. Hunter Focus comes from a highly-reputable company called Roar Ambition, which operates from the UK but has manufacturing plants based in the UK and USA. The product contains well-researched ingredients in optimal doses and is produced under strict regulations in accordance with the cGMP and FDA standards.
  • Mind Lab Pro: With 11 well-researched and extremely powerful ingredients, Mind Lab Pro is a true universal nootropic that improves brain health through different mechanisms, such as the regulation of neurotransmitters, brainwaves, and neurogenesis. The supplement is suitable for people from all walks of life, such as university students, gamers, athletes, housewives, entrepreneurs, and more. Manufactured by Opti-Nutra, Mind Lab Pro has received hundreds of positive reviews and has even been endorsed by high-profile people such as David Williams and Nigel Short. The ingredients in this formula are milder than those in Hunter Focus in terms of doses; however, they still have enough capacity to deliver the claimed benefits.
Suggested Use

10) Suggested Use

As the official website mentions, the daily dose for Cortigon is 2 capsules daily. It is best to take both capsules together, preferably in the morning, so that users can keep enjoying the mental boost throughout the day.

Bottom Line

11) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

Simply put, Cortigon does not seem to provide the best value for money for anyone. Whether you wish to boost your focus and memory for a short time or require long-term cognitive support, the supplement is not the best option available in the current supplement market.

UMZU, the company manufacturing it, claims to deem it fit for a lot of brain-related benefits, but these claims seem to be a bit misleading as the ingredients profile does not match them. This supposed multi-spectrum benefit only contains 2 active ingredients that are likely to benefit the brain; hence, it is unrealistic to expect any noticeable improvements in mental energy, focus, and learning by just relying on Cortigon.

Overall, it is better to dig a bit more and find better nootropic alternatives, like Mind Lab Pro and Hunter Focus, that provide good value for money and are likely to deliver the claimed benefits.

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