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Healthy Origins Nattokinase Review

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Natural Nattokinase is a nutritional supplement offered to support healthy blood circulation. Nattokinase was created and manufactured by Healthy Origins, a US-based supplement manufacturer.

Nattokinase is a soy-free formula thanks to a rigorous fermentation and purification process. It is designed for individuals who want to maintain the health of their circulatory system and avoid blood clotting, which may lead to heart or vascular diseases.

This article discusses Nattokinase, its ingredients, uses, and potential benefits. If you consider taking Nattokinase and would like to know more about it, keep reading this review to find out more.


1) What is Healthy Origins Nattokinase?

Nattokinase is an enzyme-based nutritional supplement. The active substance is Nattokinase, an extract of the fibrinolytic enzyme with the same name from a cheese-like food called natto. This is obtained through a fermentation process consisting in adding Bacillus natto to boiled soybeans.

Nattokinase has been used as a treatment in Japanese traditional medicine for centuries. More recently, it has been the topic of many scientific studies and trials, which proved its effectiveness in treating high blood pressure or clotting-related conditions and its contributions to such illnesses affecting the immune system and digestion.

Nattokinase is generally considered a safe supplement. However, it should only be used by people suffering from bleeding disorders or taking medication that influences blood clotting or lower blood pressure after consulting with a physician.

2) The Company Behind Healthy Origins Nattokinase

Healthy Origins is an American company founded in 1996 in Pittsburgh. Their entire product line is based on high-quality ingredients and is manufactured under strict cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines, as set forth by the FDA.

Healthy Origins has a very good reputation for producing high-quality natural products and claims to commercialize only natural supplements. The bulk of its ingredients are branded, patented ingredients that are backed by substantial clinical research.

Nutrition Facts

3) Healthy Origins Nattokinase Nutrition Facts

Natural Nattokinase includes the following ingredients: Nattokinase (providing 2,000 fibrinolytic units of activity per capsule), vegetable capsule (cellulose, water), and microcrystalline cellulose.

Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme derived from a traditional Japanese food called natto. This is a cheese-like food produced by adding Bacillus natto to boiled soybeans. It was discovered hundreds of years ago and is mainly used as a natural agent to dissolve thrombi (blood clots) associated with cerebral and cardiac infarcts.

It has also been tried as a support in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease due to its properties of dissolving amyloid fibrils which may eventually lead to cognitive impairment.

Nattokinase is often used in addition to a healthy diet and exercise regimen to support and boost circulatory functions.

4) Is Healthy Origins Nattokinase Right for You?

Nattokinase is considered safe to be used by most people. It is based on an extract of a traditional Japanese dish and has been used as a traditional remedy for the Japanese people for centuries.

It has been researched as a potential treatment for blood clotting, high blood pressure, slow blood flow (also preventing the hardening and narrowing of arteries), and diabetes.

Additionally, it has been researched as an aid in preventing Alzheimer’s disease by dissolving amyloid fibrils that can lead to brain cell damage. Hence it may be suitable for people with these conditions or those looking to improve their circulation and prevent symptoms associated with poor circulation.


5) Healthy Origins Nattokinase Claims

Nattokinase may help

  • Break up blood clots
  • Protect against heart attacks and strokes
  • Protect against other conditions caused by blood clots

In addition, it is

  • An all-natural formulation
  • Free of GMOs and artificial additives
  • Backed by customer reviews

Is it Safe?

6) Healthy Origins Nattokinase – Is it Safe?

Nattokinase has been shown to have a wide safety margin when used as recommended, with no reported significant side effects.

Where to Buy?

7) Where to Buy Healthy Origins Nattokinase?

You can buy Natural Nattokinase from the Healthy Origins website or select online retailers like Amazon and The Vitamin Shoppe.


8) Healthy Origins Nattokinase Cost

Nattokinase can be found in bottles of 60 or 180 Vegcaps and costs $12.99 for 60 capsules and $34.99 for 180 capsules.

Depending on your usage, a bottle of 60 caps can last for one or two months.


9) Directions For Taking Healthy Origins Nattokinase

Take one Natural Nattokinase capsule once or twice daily between meals on an empty stomach.


10) Conclusion

Nattokinase is a nutritional supplement offered as a natural and safe support for people concerned with the health of their circulatory system. It is manufactured by a reputable and experienced company and is marketed as a highly effective product.

Although there isn’t extensive evidence to support these claims, the formula has received positive reviews from its consumers with no reported side effects.

Nattokinase may interact with some medications designed to reduce blood clotting and blood pressure. We recommend that you consult your physician before taking this formula.

Overall, Nattokinase may be effective in helping you boost circulation as it contains an enzyme that works to break down substances in blood clots and is backed by many customer reviews.

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Jameya Hills

I have bought this product because a friend of mine recommended it to me for lowering my cholesterol. After using it for 2 months my doctor confirmed it is effective so I will continue to use it!


Nattokinase produced by Healthy Origins has proven very effective in my case. And for this price I would say it is one of the best I’ve tried yet.