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Genius Gamer Review – 11 Points To Consider

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Gaming can put immense pressure on your brain health and cognition but with products like Genius Gamer, it’s possible to keep giving your best. Regardless of what games you like, such as chess, esports, or Sudoku, each of these activities requires optimal brain function, increased focus, and intensive thinking to seize the day. While many consider hacking the game to win it, why not consider hacking your brain? It’s ethical and healthy at the same time.

Genius Gamer by The Genius Brand is a natural supplement that promises you a healthier, sharper, and much active brain that lets you be in the best form possible. The idea behind this nootropic stack is to give users the energy they need to get through long hours of working in front of a computer or TV screen. But how legit is this supplement in real and does it truly provide what it claims? Let’s find out in the Genius Gamer review.


1) Genius Gamer at a Glance

Genius Gamer is advertised as a scientifically-researched formula that helps gamers seek optimal performance. For such people, optimal performance requires a lot from the brain, such as rapid speed of thought, increased peripheral vision, and quick reactions in addition to long durations of intense focus. With a blend of premium ingredients, such as Cognizin, Dynamine, and Teacrine, Genius Gamer claims to deliver the right amount of focus, energy, and improved mood and motivation without forcing users to load up on caffeine.

The natural composition of Genius Gamer also gives it an edge of being minimally harmful compared to other pharmaceutical-grade products. The nootropic ingredients have been added to oral capsules in carefully calculated doses to provide users with an enhanced gaming experience that they can never forget.

2) The Company Behind Genius Gamer

Genius Gamer is a product of The Genius Brand, a company that has dedicated itself to sourcing the best ingredients and combining them using modern science to create top-quality natural supplements.

The founders of the company believe that many great and effective ingredients have been in nature for centuries but humans have not always been able to easily absorb or digest them. However, with the latest technological advancements, it is not possible to increase their bioavailability and make them potent for human consumption. Based on this rule, The Genius Brand continues to make use of these ingredients’ nutritional values to help users seek their wellness goals and help improve their quality of life.

The company promises to provide high-quality, clinically dosed supplements curated with raw, tested, and effective ingredients without artificial flavors, dyes, fillers, sweeteners, or banned substances. Each product manufactured by The Genius Brand is according to science and is tested through real clinical trials. The company claims that every single ingredient in the formulation serves an exact purpose with no meaningless fillers or additives.


3) Genius Gamer Ingredients

Genius Gamer consists of a handful of ingredients outlined below:

  • B-Vitamin Complex: Genius Gamer includes a blend of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 due to their presumed benefits with improvements in mood and motivation. These B vitamins are commonly added to many gaming formulas and energy drinks for similar reasons. [1] [2]
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: N-acetyl-L-tyrosine works well to sustain and improve brain power, working memory, and attention, especially in conditions of heightened stress. Additionally, it also uplifts the mood.[3] [4]
  • Cognizin Citicoline: Citicoline is a popular nootropic supplement commonly added to many brain-boosting products. It acts as a precursor to a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine which helps enhance brain power and improve memory and concentration. [5][6]
  • Caffeine (65% Sustained Release): Genius Gamer contains a very small amount of caffeine which can help with laser-sharp focus and fast-twitch movements. Moreover, it can keep the brain active and well-focused for an increased duration.[7][8]
  • Dicaffeine Malate: This ingredient is a buffered form of caffeine that helps it last longer and produce prolonged benefits in the body than regular caffeine. Dicaffine Malate also helps mitigate the jerkiness and energy crashes that many people experience as a part of a caffeine comedown.[9][10]
  • Methyliberine (as Dynamine™): This ingredient includes a pure alkaloid extracted from kutcha tea leaves. It shares structural and functional similarities to theacrine, another ingredient found in Genius Gamer, and can help improve mood, energy, and focus by activating dopamine receptors in the brain.[11][12]
  • Theacrine (as TeaCrine®): This naturally occurring agent is similar to caffeine and provides similar benefits with lesser intensity. As a part of Genius Gamer, users can experience mood elevation and enhanced focus without the usual caffeine-related jitters.[13][14]
  • Lutein + Zeaxanthin (Marigold Extract): Lutein and zeaxanthin are two powerful carotenoid antioxidants that work well for eye health. Their presence in Genius Gamer is important as eye health is crucial for gamers who have to stare at the computer or TV screens for a long time. The combination of lutein and zeaxanthin protects against negative visual side effects and blue light.[15][16]

4) Does Genius Gamer Work?

To evaluate if Genius Gamer could be an effective product or not, let’s look at its pros and cons.

The pros include:

  • It delivers a familiar caffeine rush very smoothly without the subsequent jitters and energy crash that commonly occurs during the comedown
  • The overall ingredient quality and selection are commendable

The cons include:

  • The amalgam of caffeine and caffeine-like products is truly impressive yet not unique. It is easy to find other products offering similar or even better versions of this formula in the market
  • The dosing of certain ingredients, such as tyrosine, B vitamins, and citicoline, is too low

In simpler words, Genius Gamer can provide gamers with a push to make things easier and smoother but may not be able to deliver drastic benefits.

Health Benefits

5) Genius Gamer Health Benefits

As claimed by the company, Genius Gamer can provide the following benefits:[17]

  • Increased Reaction Times: Reaction time is an important part of any gamer skill set. Genius Gamer claims to improve reaction times, making it easier for gamers to succeed the high-focused games with ease and comfort.
  • High Alertness and Focus: Focus and alertness are important if you wish to ace a game. Some games are so intense that they can completely lock in the gamers and the rest of the world will fail to exist for them. To win such games, you have to be in your A-game regarding focus and alertness, and using Genius Gamer claims to help people with it.
  • Brain Boosting Energy: Contrary to the standard caffeine pills, Genius Gamer claims to go above and beyond using its trademarked ingredients to boost focus and brain energy. It helps games bring it all together and gives them an extra edge to move their games to the next level.
  • Blue Light Protection: As the modern world surrounds us with gadgets, we are all constantly exposed to blue light. Some sources of this potentially harmful blue light include Televisions, computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Because blue light is literally everywhere we go, it is imperative to protect ourselves and our eyes from its detrimental effects. Genius Gamer can provide this protective cover from blue light by nourishing the eyes with ingredients like zeaxanthin and lutein.
Side Effects

6) Genius Gamer Side Effects

According to The Genius Brand, it only adds well-researched and tested ingredients into all its supplements, including Genius Gamer. This careful selection of ingredients extracted through natural sources potentially makes the supplements safe for human consumption.

A few people may experience mild side effects, such as gastrointestinal discomfort and nausea, especially if they are new to using Genius Gamer. However, they are likely to settle on their own in due time.


7) Genius Gamer Warnings and Precautions

Because Genius Gamer includes caffeine, it may not be a suitable option for people with caffeine sensitivity. Other precautions to keep in mind while using this product include the following:

  • Do not use Genius Gamer if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or diagnosed with one or more medical illnesses
  • Consult a doctor before combining it with other medications and supplements
  • Do not use the supplement if you are under 18 years
Where to Buy?

8) Where to Buy Genius Gamer

Visit thegeniusbrand.com to place an order for Genius Gamer. Alternatively, you can also find the product listed on Amazon at good prices.


9) How Much Does Genius Gamer Cost?

The price for one bottle or 80 capsules of Genius Gamer is $32.99. Subscribing to the company can provide you with a 20% discount, lowering the cost to $26.39 per bottle. Price-wise, the supplement is pretty cheap and can be easily afforded in the long run.

How To Take

10) How to Take Genius Gamer

According to the official guidelines, take one capsule of Genius Gamer per day with a glass of water or any other non-alcoholic liquid.

Bottom Line

11) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

Genius Gamer does look like a product that can boost focus and cognitive energy in a way that contributes to better gaming. However, the results expected of this supplement may not be too powerful. Also, it seems pretty affordable and has some nice customer reviews on the internet.

All in all, you may consider trying Genius Gamer if you are looking for a mild boost in everyday brain health, considering it has a good ingredients stack and comes at an affordable price. However, you may need to increase its dose to achieve more powerful benefits.

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