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Emphaplex Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Emphaplex is a multivitamin blend manufactured to maintain the respiratory system in good health. As per the claims, it features a mixture of natural ingredients that support the body’s ability to eliminate respiratory secretions, allowing the lungs to breathe easily. It has been designed and manufactured by Standard Process,a family-owned business that was established in the year 1929 in the United States and has since been very popular due to its effective and safe products.

Can Emphaplex by Standard Process really help you breathe better? Is it a good remedy to ease the discomfort associated with COPD? Know all this and much more in this in-depth review below.


1) Emphaplex at a Glance

Breathing is a simple yet crucial process to sustain life. It works by providing fresh oxygen to the body cells for metabolism while removing the by-products of these reactions i.e. carbon dioxide. Besides nourishing all cells and organs, this process of inhaling and exhaling air also regulates pH and influences the autonomic nervous systems and circulation.

Have you ever wondered what happens when your breathing is suddenly affected? Many diseases, for example chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), are capable of messing with the way you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, by secreting excessive mucus and collapsing the lungs from the inside. The result? You may struggle to breathe every second of the day. As you struggle to get this condition under control with medications, there is a natural remedy called Emphaplex you can try to keep the problem in control.

Emphaplex by Standard Process is a multivitamin blend which, together with a special proprietary blend, improves the health of the respiratory systems and strengthens immunity, Available in the form of oral pills, this supplement also includes nutrients that enhance the overall cellular production and improve the central nervous system health. Emphaplex was first introduced to the world in 1969 and has been able to successfully make a place for itself in the wholefood supplement market in more than fifty years of its existence.

Nutrition Info

2) Ingredients of Emphaplex

Emphaplex contains a multitude of ingredients, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Fenugreek: This ingredient makes sinuses healthy and improves the health of bronchial tubes by functioning as a solvent that dissolves or softens mucus and phlegm.

  • Vitamins A, E2 , and C: These three vitamins maintain and support the immune and respiratory systems by kicking out free radicals, promoting the production of antibodies, and maintaining the function of epithelial tissue.

  • PMG™ Extract: This extract improves the function of lungs and makes it healthy by providing specific antigenic factors of bovine lung. It also improves the production of antibodies.

  • Bovine, Porcine, and Ovine tissues: These extracts provide nutrients while supporting the corresponding tissues in humans

Apart from the ingredients mentioned above, Emphaplex also includes nutrients, minerals, and vitamins from animal and plant tissues that work synergistically to enhance the effects of the rest of ingredients.

3) Does Emphaplex Work?

All products by Standard Process, including Emphaplex, include ingredients grown by using organic farming techniques. The company uses its own private forms with nutrient-rich soil to grow these crops under constant monitoring and the strictest weed-control standards. It also ensures that the soil it is using to grow these ingredients is rich and fertile and the plants that grow on it are nutritionally complete and without any traces of synthetic pesticides.

Upon harvesting, the experts at Standard Process immediately wash and promptly process these nutrient-rich plants to maintain their nutritional integrity. Various high-volume, low-temperature techniques are used to preserve their enzymatic vitality and benefits while preventing their dissociation into any isolated components. The expert chemist sand microbiologists at the research labs of Standard Process continue to conduct analytical and bacterial tests on all raw materials as well as finished products to maintain quality and ensure that Emphaplex is able to deliver the benefits it promises.


4) Emphaplex Claims

The ingredients in Emphaplex supports the health of users by:

  • Improving the natural ability of the body to excrete respiratory secretions
  • Supporting cellular energy
  • Enhancing the function of central nervous system

5) Emphaplex Warnings and Precautions

Women who are pregnant, lactating, or trying to become pregnant must limit their intake of Emphaplex as it contains vitamin A. The use of vitamin A-based products must be limited and supervised by a qualified healthcare professional as its excessive consumption has been linked to serious health issues.

Emphaplex is also not suitable for individuals under the age of 18 years. People with severe breathing issues or acutely exacerbated cases of COPD must not rely on this supplement as a cure and seek urgent medical help right away.

Keep the supplement away from children’s reach and store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Check the pack’s expiry date and ensure that the seal is not broken to maintain its integrity and authenticity.

Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Emphaplex

Emphaplex is available for purchase in many online and physical stores. The supplement’s official website (standardprocess.com) has location-specific information about its distributors selling Emphaplex. Alternatively, you can also buy it from Amazon and Walmart.


7) How Much Does Emphaplex Cost?

A pack of Emphaplex with 180 capsules is priced at $34.99, which brings the cost per pill to $0.19 only. Unfortunately, the company manufacturing this supplement does not offer a money-back guarantee or international shipping.

How To Take

8) How to Take Emphaplex

Emphaplex comes in the form of oral capsules in high-quality plastic bottles. Take two capsules with meals throughout the day or as directed by a doctor. Do not attempt to increase the dose on your own as doing so may increase the risk of unwanted side effects. The company suggests consuming this supplement every day to experience the benefits early on.


9) Our Verdict on Emphaplex

Emphaplex is a respiratory health supplement designed to improve the functions of the lungs. Manufactured by Standard Process, these pills contain a blend of various nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other animal and plant-based extracts to help users breathe better by removing the extra secretions from the airway. The supplement is priced at extremely affordable rates and is readily available on various platforms for immediate purchase and delivery.

Overall, Emphaplex seems like a good supplement to try to improve breathing. However, remember that it may not serve as a permanent cure for COPD or any other respiratory issue.

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Ida J. Kirby

It’s true, it’s quite expensive, but I’m a huge fan of the Standard Process supplements so I don’t want to try other remedies. I’m pleased with this one, it made my skin shinier and healthier and I don’t have headaches anymore! What else can a man want?


I believe my lungs are in better condition than they were six months ago. That plus the pneumotrophin should give those with lung conditions would be very wine to investigate these two products.