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Coffea Cruda Review – 9 Points To Consider

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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What can be a better start to the day than a fresh cup of coffee that jolts you awake? While we have been stereotypically associating coffee with increased energy and mental clarity for decades, it can come in handy if you’re having trouble sleeping, too. We are talking about none other than Coffea Cruda, a homeopathic solution extracted from coffee beans to fight sleep-related issues.

Coffea Cruda, also known by the common name of Green Coffee, is an oral supplement used to eliminate stress induced by sleeplessness, hypersensitivity to pain, and overactive thoughts. Recommended for anyone above the age of 12, it is manufactured by Boiron. This popular company has simplified access to this homeopathic solution by making it available to the entire world in the form of pellets that are convenient and easy to use. With no artificial coloring, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives, Coffea Cruda can be a great addition to life for those who wish to catch some high-quality sleep by calming down their brain.


1) Coffea Cruda Quick Facts

Do the racing thoughts in your mind often keep you up at night? Do you struggle to get enough rest every night since your hyperactive brain fails to calm down? While others may suggest using a relaxant or a sleep aid, Coffea Cruda can be a better and potentially safer alternative.

Made from unroasted green coffee beans, this homeopathic remedy has existed for years. It is based on the basic principle of homeopathy i.e. “like treats like.” Because we have been using coffee to stimulate our minds for a long time, the proponents of homeopathy believe that the same remedy can also be used to calm down an overstimulated mind. The aim of Coffea Cruda by Boironis to eliminate minor problems such as anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, oversensitivity, irritability, and minor mood swings induced by sleeplessness. With one major and three minor ingredients, it is claimed to be purely natural and safe without the presence of any chemicals, preservatives, or fillers. Coffea Cruda comes in multi-dose bottles with various mild to strong dilutions available to cater to individual needs.

2) Who Makes Coffea Cruda?

Boiron is a trusted brand established almost 90 years ago by twin brothers Jean and Henri Boiron. As pharmacists, they set out to find a way to explore the wonders of homeopathy and use them to prepare reliable medications for their patients. Decades later, the company stands as a world leader in homeopathic medicines and prides itself on responsible environmental practices and high-quality manufacturing. It is still owned by the Boiron family who continues to carry the passion for the integration of homeopathic medicine and its benefits into daily life.

The vision of healthcare that the manufacturing company of Coffea Curda carries puts people at its center as it is always in search of innovative ways to help improve their life quality. Boiron is also dedicated to educating the public on the many benefits of homeopathy through its myriad of products for digestive health, allergies, cough and cold, stress and sleep, and personal care. With its current distribution to more than 50 countries across the world, Boiron has multiple subsidiaries working in Spain, Canada, Poland, Russia, Romania, Italy, the Caribbean, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, the U.S., and more.


3) Coffea Cruda Ingredients

Coffea Cruda by Boiron is a single-ingredient homeopathic medication for targeted relief. In addition to the one primary ingredient, each pellet contains two minor ingredients. Details on these ingredients are mentioned below:

  • Coffea Cruda: The major ingredient that unwinds your nerves to provide relief from tension and stress, oversensitivity, insomnia, headaches, and toothaches.
  • Lactose and sucrose: Two inactive sugars with no pharmaceutical benefits.
Pros & Cons

4) Coffea Cruda: Pros and Cons

Mentioned below is a list of the pros and cons of choosing Coffea Cruda by Boiron:


  • It is non-habit forming
  • It is free from melatonin or other chemicals
  • It comes in the form of pellets that are easier to take without any food or water
  • It comes in easy dispensing tubes at reasonable prices
  • It is ideal for anyone suffering from insomnia due to a hyperactive mind
  • It is free from any artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives
  • It contains the highest-quality ingredients and is manufactured by a top-rated homeopathic company


  • It contains lactose and may not be suitable for lactose intolerant individuals
  • It may cause minor side effects in some and is best used after consulting with a doctor
  • It may not be safe for pregnant and lactating women
  • It should not be used by children below the age of 12 years
Potential Side Effects

5) Potential Side Effects from Coffea Cruda Ingredients

Boiron, the company manufacturing Coffea Cruda goes to great lengths to ensure that its products are not contaminated with natural or human-made toxins. This process includes detailed quality control measures that assess the integrity and health of all active ingredients before incorporating them into final products. As far as purity is concerned, Boiron sources over a thousand botanical and animal-based substances from trustable harvesters and botanists who take great care to preserve the plants used and the land where they grow. Many of these ingredients, including Coffea Cruda, are handpicked in their pristine natural habitats and processed while fresh.
Because the homeopathic realm commonly involves dealing with microdoses, their manufacturing process is usually subject to strict regulations. With this in mind, Boiron has developed several high-performance manufacturing processes to ensure the reliability of Coffea Crud and the rest of its products. Considering all this, it is likely to say that CoffeaCruda is potentially a safe drug to consume with no major side effects. Some customers may feel minor issues, including nausea or digestive issues, but they will most probably settle on their own within a few days.

Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Coffea Cruda

The best place to purchase authentic Coffea Cruda products is through the company’s official website (boironusa.com). Customers may also find it on other platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS.


7) How Much Does Coffea Cruda Cost?

As mentioned on the official Boiron website, the cost of Coffea Cruda varies depending on the potency and dilution you choose.

  • For low-dilution variants, including Coffea Cruda 6c, 6x, and 9c, the price per bottle is $8.49
  • For high-dilution variants, including Coffea Cruda12c, 15c and 30c, and 10m, the price per bottle is $11.99

Keep in mind that the prices may vary depending on the platform you choose to purchase it from. At the moment, the company is giving out free samples of Sleep Calm tablets with every purchase made through its official website. Unfortunately, there is no information on the money-back guarantee on Coffea Cruda on Boironiusa.com.


8) Coffea Cruda Directions

Coffea Cruda by Boiron comes in the form of pellets that easily melt in your mouth and can be taken anywhere without any water or food required. Available in easy dispensing tubes with 80 pellets per tube. As soon as the symptoms arise, customers are suggested to place 5 pellets under their tongue up to three times a day until the symptoms resolve.

Bottom Line

9) The Bottom Line – “Does it Work?”

Coffea Cruda is a well-known homeopathic solution used for an oversensitive mind leading to headaches, restlessness, and insomnia. It is manufactured by Boiron which holds a reputable place in the pharmaceutical world for developing high-quality products with no compromise on quality. With its distributary services spread to more than 50 countries, Coffea Cruda is easily available for clients to order and use to calm down a stressful mind and catch some sleep. The price is also convenient and can be easily afforded by the majority without much hassle.
Overall, Coffea Cruda seems like a product that’s worth a try.

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