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5-HTP Fast Dissolve Review – 8 Things You Should Know

By Sasha de Beausset Aparicio, MSc

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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5-HTP Fast Dissolve is manufactured from natural extracts. The number one aim of this supplement is to give one a feeling of relaxation by activating serotonin. One unique feature that sets it from the rest is its ability to dissolve faster once ingested.

5-HTP Fast Dissolve has a berry flavor that makes it enjoyable and is made of soluble compounds that make it ideal if you don’t have water with you.

Natrol manufactures this supplement using its reputable high industry-specific standards. Its headquarters is in the United States of America.

The company’s outstanding record in the supplement industry is the reason behind its credibility. The company website indicates all their products are subjected to quality and control tests. The main flavoring ingredient used on 5-HTP Fast Dissolve is extracted from wild berries.

Natrol advises that one can use this supplement alongside others that contain the compounds L-tryptophan and 5-HTP additives. When used together with 5-HTP, there is an increase in the production of serotonin. Since it activates the serotonin hormone, it can be said that mood management and appetite control help.

The recommended daily dosage is one tablet taken two times alongside meals. A doctor’s opinion is needed before using this supplement. It is only recommended for adults over 18 and should not be used by lactating or pregnant women.


1) 5-HTP Fast Dissolve Quick Facts

5- Hydroxytryptophan is based on a naturally occurring plant that is derived from the amino acid. It is believed that Hydroxytryptophan helps in the synthesis of serotonin, which is a crucial player in mood enhancement.

It is a strawberry flavored tablet that can be consumed anywhere and anytime. Amazingly, it can be taken without water. People swallowing vitamin supplements are advised to use this supplement because of its fast absorption rate.

Continued regular use of 5-HTP Fast Dissolve helps give a balanced attitude and an overall healthy outlook.

Other active ingredients include Dextrose, F-Melt, Wild Berry Flavor, Stearic Acid, Sucralose, and Beef powder.


2) 5-HTP Fast Dissolve Ingredients

5-HTP Fast Dissolve contains the following ingredients: 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) (from Griffonia simplicifolia seed) (100 mg).

3) What Does 5-HTP Fast Dissolve Do?

5-HTP Fast Dissolve is a natural plant-derived from amino acids used in the synthesis of serotonin. Serotonin plays a significant role in improving appetite and mood.

It is believed that for substantial positive results, you take one tablet twice a day with food. You let the tablet dissolve itself before swallowing.

The main ingredient 5-Hydoxytryptophan may lessen your pain, especially headaches and recurring migraines. Some studies have also shown that it is helpful in cases of insomnia.

Normal nerve and brain functions that may be linked to serotonin’s adequate production in the body also benefit from this product. It is claimed that any dosage you take has an adequate level of anti-depressants that can help people with bipolar disorders.


4) What 5-HTP Fast Dissolve Does?

  • Helps one maintain a relaxed mood;
  • Promotes calmness and a positive outlook;
  • It is not addictive;
  • No water is needed to use it;
  • 100% fit for vegetarian;
  • Sweet strawberry flavor;
  • Affordable.

5) Precautions of 5-HTP Fast Dissolve Use

  • Gives some patients a placebo effect;
  • Its effectiveness is short-lived;
  • Some users complain of being tired or emotionless;
  • The fluctuation levels of serotonin are noticeable for some people;
  • Cannot be taken by any other tablet.

6) How Much Does 5-HTP Fast Dissolve Cost?

The market price for this product depends on the available packages. A 100mg container with 30 tablets will be in the ranges of $12 to $15. Orders can be made from the product website.

Subscribing buyers will save up to 10% and get free shipping within a specified number of days. Shipments are made on all orders done before 4 pm EST. The order form (shopping cart) offers a secure platform for online transactions. Orders over $49 are freely shipped. This, however, might not apply to some states.


7) Directions For Taking 5-HTP Fast Dissolve

Side effects from buyers’ reviews include the placebo effect, and its effectiveness does not last long, as stated by the manufacturer.

Does it Work

8) Bottom Line – Does It Really Work?

The supplement can also be used for persistent headaches, sleeping aid, weight management, and brain booster. The tablet can be broken into smaller pieces before use to suit one’s comfort.

It has been cleared that controlling appetite 5-HTP Fast Dissolve lowers your appetite because of the sudden increase of serotonin production.

It is not advisable to take this supplement with any other supplement unless authorized by your doctor. An independent, credible review may be needed to ascertain some of the side effects not listed on the manufacturer’s website.

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