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Efalex Original Brain Formula Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Efalex Original Brain Formula is a natural supplement claimed to improve your cognitive performance, eye function, and overall brain health. It is manufactured by Efamol Ltd, a United Kingdom-based company involved in the development of many other essential fatty acid health supplements to help the brain and overall human health. Efalex Original Brain Formula is claimed to harness the power of both omega-3 nutrient docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and omega-6 Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) nutrients to help reduce symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), eczema, nerve pain, rheumatoid arthritis other related conditions.

Can this supplement really nourish the brain and provide the benefits it promises? This Efalex Original Brain Formula review will give you all the answers.


1) Quick Overview

Efalex Original Brain Formula is a dietary supplement that contains multiple ingredients and vitamins claimed to support optimal brain functions, such as concentration, learning ability, as well as coordination. The unique blend of evening primrose oil and fish oil added to this supplement delivers EPA and DHA, two important omega-3 fatty acids to the brain in addition to omega-3 fatty acids. Together, this fatty acid supplement can boost brain health and cognition.

According to the company, it has put in more than 25 years of market-leading research in the development of Efalex and its in-depth formulation. The product composition contains carefully-extracted natural oils while ensuring that these oils remain in their natural form and retain their characteristics. The company tests all these oils to ensure that they do not contain any harmful pollutants. Moreover, it also claims to use the triglyceride form in all fish oil so that the body can recognize and digest it easily. The supplement comes in the form of easy-to-use pills enclosed in recyclable glass bottles.

2) The Company Behind Efalex Original Brain Formula

Efalex Original Brain Formula is manufactured by Efamol, a company leading the field of research of development on essential fatty acid food supplements for over 40 years. With purity and quality as its key values, Efamol manufactures unique formulas that contain various healthy oils extracted from their natural sources.

The company performs extensive testing on these forms to ensure their purity and only uses superior sources to harvest the oils from sustainable stocks. The evening primrose oil added to Efalex Original Brain Formula, for instance, is grown in New Zealand and the Netherlands by the same growers that the company trusts to ensure high quality.

Nutrition Facts

3) Efalex Original Brain Formula Nutrition Facts

Efalex Original Brain Formula contains the following ingredients

  • Pure Evening Primrose Oil: Evidence suggests that pure evening primrose oil can improve brain health while reducing the risk of several brain disorders, such as ADHD, schizophrenia, and depression.
  • Fish Oil: Fish oil contains a blend of two types of fatty acids: EPA which benefits the heart by balancing the cholesterol levels and protecting it from heart attacks and inflammation, and DHA which promotes functional development of the brain in young ones and maintains neural functions in older adults.
  • Vitamin E: Supplementing with vitamin E can counteract the cognitive decline in the hippocampus while protecting the brain from free radical damage.

4) Is Efalex Original Brain Formula Right for You?

Mental focus and a good memory are vital for the quality of life. Unfortunately, as we continue to age, our brains shrink in size and our cells are damaged by free radicals. In fact, half of the population at the age of 50 and 60 will agree that they struggle with memory issues and have a reduced ability to think quickly.

Neurologists believe that 80% of these people do not consume enough amount of Omega fish oils, a key nutrient that ensures that the brain remains healthy and active. This is where the role of supplements like Efalex comes into play. As a provider of natural and effective omega-3s along with other beneficial ingredients like primrose oil and vitamin E, it ensures that the brain receives all the missing ingredients it needs to remain healthy and function optimally.

All ingredients have proven benefits for brain health; hence, the formula is likely to be effective for most, if not all users.

Pros & Cons

5) Efalex Original Brain Formula: Pros and Cons

The following list of pros and cons can help you decide if you wish to invest in Efalex Original Brain Formula:


  • Efamol Brain maintains healthy brain function.
  • The supplement is manufactured by a reliable company.
  • It claims to enhance memory capacity and visual functions.
  • It is the best match for those who love fish-free vegetarian food supplements.
  • Clear ingredient composition details.
  • Claimed to no report of side effects.
  • The family formula for everyone over the age of 5 years
  • Available as tasteless, small, easy-to-use capsules
  • Backed by over 40 years of research
  • The formula uses sustainably sourced fish oil
  • The composition is free from yeast, sugar, lactose, dairy, and artificial colors and preservatives


  • Not for lactating and expectant mothers.
  • No money-back guarantee is stated on the website.
Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Efalex Original Brain Formula

Efalex Original Brain Formula is available for purchase through the company’s official website. Visit www.efamol.com to purchase original products today. Additionally, the product can also be sourced through Amazon.


7) How Much Does Efalex Original Brain Formula Cost?

Efalex Original Brain Formula is extremely cheap and easy on the market with one of the lowest prices on the market. A pack of this supplement containing 60 capsules is available at a price of $10.58 whereas the larger pack with 240 capsules comes at a price of $23.49. Both prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery.


8) Efalex Original Brain Formula Directions

The manufacturer recommends 4 capsules a day for aged 5 years and above, without exceeding the recommended dosage.

Bottom Line

9) Our Bottom Line

Poor brain performance, memory loss, and weakened brain membranes and nerves are becoming common issues in both young and old adults. While many of these people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to fix these issues, supplements like Efalex Original Brain Formula claim to solve them within weeks at an extremely cost-effective price. With naturally-sourced, science-backed formulas, Efalex seems like a product that is likely to deliver what it promises.

However, remember that it is not a magic cure or pill that can bring visible improvements overnight. The product is claimed to be produced with natural ingredients and promised to be safe to use. However, before using any supplement, it is advisable to talk to a doctor so that you do not bring on any unnecessary damage to your health. Overall, Efalex Original Brain Formula seems like a formula worth giving a try.

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Kate oliver

I took this on a friends advice to help with hot flushes suffered with them for 10 years tried everything under the sun to no avail until now wow have these pills made a difference don’t know how or why but the flushes have gone almost completely and they were bad flushes dripping from head to toe day and night this for me is a miracle pill !!!!!