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Drenamin Review – Is it Effective?

By Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Reviewed by Rebecca Williams, MD, MA, MB, BChir

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Nothing is more constant in present-day life than stress and anxiety, mostly because of relentless schedules, unhealthy behaviors, and poor habits. Overall, stress has been more involved in affecting our day-to-day potential than we admit. Drenamin has been manufactured for the very reason to control and suppress these high levels of stress by supporting proper adrenal gland function.

Introduced in 1935, Drenamin is an oral supplement including natural ingredients that help improve adrenal efficiency and promote its functions to maintain good emotional balance. This review will take a closer look at this supplement, its ingredients and benefits, and pricing to check if it is worth investing in.


1) Drenamin at a Glance

The manufacturing company of Drenamin describes it as a powerful natural stress reliever that works by supporting proper adrenal function to relieve stress and anxiety levels in the body. Available in the form of easy-to-use capsules, the daily use of this product is also said to enhance the body’s resistance to fatigue, allergies, and illness. This wholefood antioxidant-rich formula also claims to improve energy production, encourage a balanced mood, promote healthy responses to stressors, and provide high amounts of Vitamin C to the body to increase its protective barrier and overall strength.

According to Standard Process, the company behind Drenamin, this supplement is readily available for purchase and can be easily incorporated into daily life without any significant risks. Its composition is entirely natural and free from any potentially hazardous substances which mean users can keep consuming it without putting their health at stake.

2) The Company Behind Drenamin

Drenamin is manufactured by Standard Process, a world-renowned company that
initially began in Texas, United States, but later expanded to other countries from the American territory. Their products are categorized into three major lines:
Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, Standard Process whole food supplements, and MedHerb.

The company claims that each one of its products is based on wholefood formulae manufactured in accordance with FDA requirements. Their portfolio currently features more than three hundred products covering different niches, such as brain and cognition, children’s health, fitness, immune support, heart, and circulation,
men’s and women’s health, and many more.

Standard Process’s commitment to quality begins with people and is furthered through their investment in their processes and equipment to ensure the highest of
standards. This commitment and dedication are what claim to make this company different from others. It also practices vertical integration which allows Standard Process to manage the safety, consistency, quality, purity, and potency of its products every step of the way, including manufacturing, handling, packaging, and shipping.

At the moment, Standard Process offers more than 300 nutritional supplements, including a separate range of vegetarian and gluten-free supplements. Some of their top products are:

  • SP Complete – Whole food nutrition
  • Catalyn – A vitamin-based supplement
  • Immuplex – Immune system support
  • Cardio-Plus – Cardiovascular support
  • Congaplex – Immune system support

3) Details on Drenamin Ingredients and Uses

Drenamin by Standard Process contains multiple minerals, vitamins, and other natural ingredients. Some of the key ingredients of this product include:

  • Porcine Brain: The term “porcine” comes from a Latin root, porcus, which means “pig.” The porcine brain extract is traditionally believed to support and enhance cognitive function. Research has proven that administering low doses of the porcine brain extract may improve brain functions, including memory deficit, motor performance, and neurological score.
  • Choline Bitartrate: This ingredient belongs to the Vitamin B family, and according to several studies, it is essential for synthesizing acetylcholine, a necessary neurotransmitter for memory-related brain functions.
  • Magnesium Vitrate: Magnesium Vitrate is widely available in nature and is an active compound of magnesium. It breaks down inside the body to convert into elemental magnesium. Research shows that magnesium citrate may be useful to treat major depression and brain injuries.
  • Vitamin C: This ingredient tends to restore the stress response while improving the survival of an individual facing high levels of stress. As a micronutrient, vitamin C also boosts collagen synthesis while improving immunity.
  • Riboflavin: As one of the most important B vitamins, riboflavin supports adrenal function while calming down and maintaining a healthy nervous system. The vitamin also helps facilitate several key metabolic processes, such as converting food into energy.
Pros & Cons

4) Drenamin: Pros and Cons

The daily use of Drenamin can:

  • Support the function of adrenals
  • Provide a high level of antioxidants and vitamins to boost the overall nutritional status of the body
  • Support energy production
    Improve day-to-day mood
  • Encourage a healthy response to everyday environmental stresses
  • Strengthen the immune system to keep disease at bay.
Potential Side Effects

5) Potential Side Effects from Drenamin Ingredients

The official website of Standard Process does not mention any potential side effects of this supplement. Some users, especially those trying this supplement for the very first time may experience some mild adverse effects, such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea for the initial few days. However, these side effects are likely to clear up on their own in a few days.

In case you develop something serious secondary to the use of Drenamin, it is advised to stop using this supplement and contact a doctor right away.

Where to Buy?

6) Where to Buy Drenamin

You can purchase Drenamin on the Standard Process official website (standardprocess.com). The supplement is also available for purchase on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart and is sold by many individual practitioners.


7) Drenamin Price

There are two price options for Drenamin based on the quantity:

  • A 90-tablets bottle of Drenamin retails at $14.50
  • A 360-tablets bottle of Drenamin retails at $45.00
    On Amazon, the supplement is priced at about $17.40. Keep in mind that the exact price may vary depending on the platform you choose to buy it from.
Suggested Use

8) Suggested Use

The daily dose of Drenamin for adults is three tablets a day. The company advises pairing each tablet with a meal to enhance its efficacy while reducing the risk of side effects. Pregnant and breastfeeding females must abstain from using this supplement without a doctor’s prescription. The supplement is also not safe for use in individuals below 18 years.

9) What the Customer Drenamin Reviews Say

"My Herbalist gave me this for extreme fatigue; it makes all the difference in the world! Before, I could do only self-care, and little else but couch-duty... now I live a nearly-normal life!" [Read full review]


"Many moms I know use these, so I decided to try. Basically, it's organ meat and is really good for anxiety. I don't typically suffer from anxiety, but they seem to give you a more relaxed, euphoric feel. My guess is the organ meats are highly nutritional." [Read full review]

---Camille A.

"I have used this product for a long time and can attest that it does have a positive effect on calming your nerves and feeling more tranquil. It's made of pure whole food - a trusted thing I like about Standard Process products." [Read full review]

---June C. Dasilva


10) Our Final Take On Drenamin

Drenamin by Standard Process is a stress-busting supplement manufactured using natural ingredients. The company manufacturing it has been operating for decades with a good reputation and has hundreds of products released to the market under its name, which gives it good credibility. The product is nominally priced and backed by good reviews; hence, it is worth a try.

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C Jardim

Drenamin was suggested to me in 2007 by my chiropractor. I saw and felt the results within the first week. Since this time, Drenamin has been my go-to supplement when feeling overstressed and low on energy/fatigued due to stress. You may also see a drop in your waistline as it helps regulate cortisol. I’m actually out here on the Internet today to buy another bottle of Drenamin. I’m a 13-year fan of this product. I’ve never had any sided effects from taking Drenamin. I’ve recommended to family and friends. Highly recommended.

Title for your comment
High Recommended
Have you tried this product?

my acupuncturist suggested I try this. I take 5 in a.m. and 4 in pm – which is a lot to take, but after about 3 days of taking it I have a lot less fatigue and mental clarity. I’m gonna stick with it. helps my overall mood if i take it regularly

Gina Rohlik
Reply to  bon

Do you have any adverse side affects from the high dosage? It was recommended to me to take 6 in the am and 6 in the pm. I have numerous mouth sores (similar to a canker sore). I have been on this dosage for over a year.

Kathy Koenig

I see that oat flour is mentioned in the ingredients of Drenamin. I have used this product briefly, and since I am gluten sensitive, I specifically looked to find the GLUTEN FREE label before using. Is the oat flour gluten free?

Jack D.

My doctor recommended this supplement against my adrenal function problems. I noticed the results after the first two weeks and since then I take it regularly. I no longer feel tired all day long, and I am now able to finish my work in time. This is a great product and I recommended to all those who are under a lot of stress.

James Simmons

This product is giving me the extra energy I need every day and helps me stay positive and mentally focused on my daily tasks. I definitely see an improvement in the way I manage stressful situations, which is exactly why I wanted to try this product in first place.

Karen Young

I have had no side effects from Drenamin. It immediately helped me with sleeping and joint pain after sleeping. My sister and bro-in-law turned me on to this supplement after they praised their joints didn’t hurt in the morning so I gave it a try and was surprised since I usually don’t have success with supplements and other aids.

Janice Schreck
Reply to  Karen Young

I just read your review of Drenamin. I am starting it today. Have you had any bad side effects?