Comparison Chart Explained

Since 2011, we have reviewed thousands of brain products and heard from thousands of product users. Based on the extensive received feedback, we have selected three rating criteria that our readers find most important.

Using our Quality Comparison Table, BrainReference readers can immediately see how a product they may be interested in compares to other similar brain supplements or the best brain products available on the market.

The three criteria we use to rate products are the three major aspects that our readers need to know before choosing a brain product. These criteria are:

1) Has the product been used for 10 years or more?

We believe “time” is the true test of results. Manufacturers will tout patents, but what does that mean? Other than it’s something so “unique” and “new” that they were able to get a patent on it? Those are not buzz words for “results.” Those are buzzwords for “buy it now.”

In 10 years, assuming it stood the test of time, we’ll tell you whether it worked or not.

Another popular buzzword is “clinical studies”. To be clear, we are very much in favor of high quality, thorough clinical studies. If the manufacturer was conducting clinical studies like the medical drug companies conduct, then results could be of real value.

However, since dietary supplements generally cannot be FDA approved, the “clinical studies” referred to are usually little more than mini studies conducted with a small number of subjects (hopefully human subjects) for a few months to allow manufacturers to tout the words “clinical studies” for marketing purposes. As explained, the real test is a supplement successfully being used for years by thousands of customers.

2) Are there documented testimonials on the manufacturer’s site?

The word “documented” really is the keyword here. Fake testimonials are the norm on the internet these days, they are easy to write and post on any website. Thus, documented testimonials with pictures, dates, and a backup on file with the manufacturer are essential. When this is done, and these testimonials are collected and documented over time, this gives us an enormous amount of verified customer data to analyze.

After you understand our rating system, it’s easy to get lost in thousands of brain supplements. So don’t, review the products that fit your needs best and then dig deeper with your research. There are so many categories to choose from:

3) Is the shipping $6 or less for local shipping?

It’s understandable that shipping may be higher for a free trial (to help cover trial costs), but afterward, we feel it’s shameful to charge exorbitant amounts of money after a customer has already purchased the product.

Therefore, we’ve analyzed postal rates and determined $6 to be the highest rate any dietary supplement company should be charging you for shipping.

To rate the brain supplements listed in the chart, we review some of the most popular brands, based on our research into the three criteria mentioned above. We then average the results across all brands and report those results in the comparison chart.

All our ratings are being updated regularly to reflect changes among popular brain supplements and across the three rating categories.

For detailed information on how we evaluate products and programs, please see our Review Guidelines.